postheadericon Sleep of Cats

In the wild cats use a huge part of their energy to hunt and stalk their prey. So they need to conserve energy in between their hunting by sleeping.

While domestic cats do not need to hunt, they still have the same genes as their wild ancestors and spend an amount of their time sleeping during the day. Cats are crepuscular (most active at dawn and dusk) also their prey is active at these times. That's the time when mine decide to race after each other around the house.

Napping or sleeping varies from cat to cat depending on the cat's age, diet and personality. Cats spend an average of 13 to 16 hours each day curled up or stretched out in slumber.

They look for a place that is comfortable and safe and the temperature has to be to their liking. In warm weather they seek out high shaded areas to stretch out and in cold winter days they will look for a warm sunny spot or go beside a heat source and there they will curl up with their face between their paws. They do this to reduce body heat loss.

Your can also provide nice comfortable beds for your cat that you can purchase at pet stores or you can let them sleep on your bed. My cats have the choice of several different types of beds that I have located in various locations in the house and they occasionally like to just sleep on the bed.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non- REM (NREM) or deep sleep are the two basic type of sleep. If your cat does not get enough of either sort of sleep, it will become irritable and confused.

During REM sleep, your cat's eyes will move behind the eyelids, their limbs twitch, and whiskers move around. Something to note is that up to 60 percent of your cat's sleep is REM sleep.

During NREM sleep, your cat's body repairs and regenerates itself and kittens will build their muscles and bones. Their immune system strengthens and revitalizes. Kittens need more NREM sleep than adult cats. As adult cat get older the amount of NREM sleep diminishes.

One thing to watch out for is that your indoor cat is not sleeping out of boredom. If you notice this, you can help out your cat by providing plenty of stimulation during the day. You can do this by having another cat so that they can play together, different types toys and by spending some quality time playing with you.