postheadericon Kneading

One of the most common behaviours of cats is Kneading.

Kneading is an inherited behaviour that is formed in kitten hood. Kittens will knead the mother's teat to stimulate the milk to flow. This action of kittens is called 'milk thread' as this is carried out during nursing. When the kitten drinks faster than the milk flow, kneading helps them promote the flow of milk.

This is the rhythmic motion of extending and retracting its claws accompanied by soft purring before settling down in any soft, warm area maybe even on your lap.

This is done when the cat is satisfied, contented or happy. It is the cat’s way of saying “I am happy with you”. Also it could mean that it has adopted you as a mother-figure.

Cats may also knead when they are sexually active. It is very common for female cats in heat to exhibit kneading. In male cats, it is a mating ritual. When your male cat becomes too aggressive while kneading, you better move out of the way.

Another reason could be is that cats have scent glands on there pads. They are located near the base of their claws. This scent is used to mark territories so that other animals and cats can sense these distinctive smells. Cats use this method to mark the boundaries along their territories.

Thus, the next time your cat kneads on your carpets or pillows there may be a chance it is in "kitten-mode" or marking its territory. If your cat kneads in your lap, hold your head high, as she may be marking you with her scent, proclaiming to the world that you belong to her.

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