postheadericon Hairballs

This is a common complaint with cat owners especially with long hair cats. I have this problem with my kitty Savannah.

Cats groom themselves and swallow the hair which usually will pass through the digestive tract as stool when kitty uses their litter box. But some cats, the loose hair they swallow form into a ball and lodges itself in the cat's stomach. Then kitty will hack it up and leave you a nice present on the floor, which Savannah does in the middle of our living room or right in the middle of the stairs for you to step on.

photo of hairball

If kitty is hacking up hairballs more than once or twice a month you should consider taking your cat to your veterinarian for an exam. You want to make sure that it is only hairballs and not something more serious. Ah the joys of bring Savannah to the vet.

To help prevent hairballs you should make it a habit of frequently combing your cat. This will often resolve the problem, but if not, adding fibre to their diet or giving a lubricant to your cat will help. Savannah received a lubricant that was recommended by our vet.

You can also purchase hairball lubricants from pet stores. These are flavoured and usually come in a tube. You can check out natural pet products and one that is good and not expensive is Natural Pet Hairball Chewables.

Please make sure you read the instruction carefully before giving it to your kitty.

What does the hairball lubricate do? It lubricates your kitty's digestive system allowing that hairball to pass through.

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