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I am a member of the Ottawa Valley Cat Club a Canadian Cat Association Affiliated Club, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We are a group of people that is interested in the welfare of all cats. Here I have met wonderful people who have happily shared with me their knowledge on cats.

There is many reasons why I share my life with my three beautiful kitties.

I love their grace, sincerity, devotion, affection, playfulness and especially their beauty and the intelligence you see in their eyes. The way they rub themselves against you and when they lay beside you purring away with such contentment on their cute furry face.

My life has been enriched, my soul touched with all the unreserved love, trust and unending joy and laughter that my cats have given me and most of all their unconditional love.

My site is dedicated to my three lovely fur-balls, Moxy, Bo Soleil and Savannah and also to all the wonderful cats that I ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with.

Moxy and Savannah Napping on Love Seat Together

Moxy and Savannah enjoying time out for a afternoon nap.